"FoodCell® is a product that allows us to carry all of our training nutrition in an easy-to-grab manner is a big win in our book. And the fact that it cleans up easy is a nice cherry on top!"



"I like the FoodCell, for it’s intended use, allowing the rider to maintain an optimum aero profile, whilst easing access to nutrition in that profile. I can see a lot of potential for the FoodCell, and I hope that we see it popping up in IronMan events before too long."

"In summary, the FoodCell is an impressive product that features a ‘why didn’t we think of that’ closure system. The slider that gives access to the nutrition storage is easy to open whilst on the road, in an aero tuck or a regular riding position. Overall, the pre-production model that we received had a real quality feel, with nice packaging too.The detachable main unit is handy for cleaning. It also means that an athlete’s nutrition can simply be popped into place at the start of a race, for example during an early morning triathlon when bikes are typically left overnight in transition."